The Activist Pipeline

The organizations within the Public Interest Network have served as an “activist pipeline” for the public interest movement. We’ve taught thousands of people the ropes — as student volunteers, as canvassers, and as professional organizers and advocates. Our alumni embody the value of our programs. They include:

  • Adam Ruben, Principal, Bigify LLC Consulting
  • Eric Garcetti, Mayor, Los Angeles
  • Gina Cummings, U.S. and International Organizing Manager, Oxfam America
  • Heather Smith, Chairwoman, Rock the Vote Board of Directors
  • Mary Raftery, Senior Advisor, Climate Works
  • Sarah Hodgdon, National Program Director, Sierra Club
  • Tom Subak, Chief Information Officer, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • And thousands of others who continue to make social change as staff or leaders of advocacy groups, as public officials, and as leaders in philanthropy, socially conscious businesses, and the labor movement.