About Us

Together, the groups of The Public Interest Network employ a full arsenal of time-tested strategies for change, including organizing, advocacy, research and policy analysis, litigation and socially responsible investing.

Each group pursues its own strategy and agenda, with its own base of support. Yet all members of the network share a firm commitment to a model for success — one that emphasizes building stable, powerful organizations, embracing a tough-minded culture of accountability, and organizing to win measurable results. These results include hundreds of laws, policies and other changes that have protected consumers, preserved the environment, and otherwise made corporations and government more responsive to the public interest. 

Over the years, our network has also recruited and trained thousands of people. Many have moved up to become leaders of our own network. Others have moved on to replenish and renew the ranks of the rest of the public interest community. In either case, these activists, organizers, advocates and leaders — what some have called our “activist pipeline” – and the work ethic, strategic approach and commitment to change they embody, are ultimately our most enduring and influential legacy.